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Tristan Powell was a very successful actor in 1985, with runs at the National Theatre and even a guest-star appearance in 'Dallas'. But 30 years on from his last screen appearance, he's treading the boards of Grimsby's second smallest theatre, playing Ebeneezer Scrooge in 'A Christmas Carol'. Turning up to the theatre, he discovers the rest of the cast and crew have been mysteriously unable to make it to the performance...


Having never missed a performance in his career, he insists that the show must go on! And over the next 90 minutes, takes the audience through a rather unique rendition of Dicken’s classic - creatively plugging the many gaps in the show, with some help from the gathered crowd.


The production costs £600 - and all sales over

this are split 50/50. With tickets at £10 & £5, you

should need around 50 adults and 20 children to

completely cover your costs. The price includes

artwork for publicity and travel within Zone 1

(extra £25 for each Zone up to 4. Zone 5 priced

on request).


In the current climate, we're not asking for a

deposit to secure a date - but should you decide

to forward any form deposit, we will refund it in full

if Covid-19 causes cancellation.

Fun, family entertainment for 7-97 year olds and ideal for ‘pre-evangelism’ over the festive season...


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