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It all began on Friday 2nd September 2011 in Perth, Australia, Searchlight Theatre Company made their debut performance. The Company has been founded by David Robinson and Michael Taylorson, who have over 40 years of performing experience between them.


Anyone who loves theatre knows how exciting it can be. They know about the spine tingling moments that can take place; how the air is charged; how an audience of total strangers can be brought together through shared emotion, tears or laughter. Theatre can make us experience powerful feelings and leave us shaken and changed. It can provoke debate, but it can also affirm beliefs and reinforce shared values.


Searchlight have a vision to create theatre that can share life-changing stories with audiences, making them laugh and cry, experiencing and sharing what it is to be human as well as experiencing God.

Our mission is to produce theatre that challenges people to think about life and faith.

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