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The theatre is a house built to tell stories, but the stories it is telling no longer answer the needs of the people, and the people have started to notice. The church has answers. It has a book full of stories, some of the most important stories ever told. But the church has forgotten how to tell them, and that has been noticed too. The theatre needs the stories that tell people how and why to live. And the church needs the ways and means to get those stories heard. Searchlight believe in producing theatre that can do that.


We have a number of different productions available for churches to be able to use as part of their outreach scroll down the list to see if any of them take your fancy!

"Poignant, laugh out loud hilarious, professional, heart warming and occasionally gut wrenching. Searchlight bring it all.

Recommended without hesitation"

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Jeff Lucas - Authour, Speaker and Broadcaster

The church and the theatre need each other...