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It’s 1958, the world is in the grip of an economic downturn and the fear and uncertainty of the Cold War is building. But in Oxford, England, professor C.S. Lewis has called a student into his study to discuss a very different dilemma.


His most promising protégé is disillusioned with the world - the future seems increasingly unsure and meaninglessness has abounded in his life. Where or what can he turn to? Atheism seems to hold plausible explanations – but will his mentor be able to shed a different light on that conclusion?


Inspired by the life of C.S. Lewis, this production asks questions of faith and belief that will provoke, challenge and inspire.




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A hit in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Romania and the UK...

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Danbury Mission, Danbury

Salem Church, Cheltenham




Willowfield Parish Church, Belfast

Ballywillan Presbyterian Church, Portrush




Christ Covenant Pres. Church, Knoxville

Christ Covenant Pres. Church, Knoxville

Paramount Theatre, Austin, MN

Two Rivers Church, Knoxville

Two Rivers Church, Knoxville

Central Presbyterian Church, Downington

First Prebyterian Church, West Chester

St Peter's Church, Pedmore

Riverside House, Birmingham

Elgiva Theatre, Chesham

The Attic Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon

The Attic Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon

Mumford Theatre, Cambridge

Mill Arts Centre, Banbury

Norwich Playhouse

Holy Trinity Church, Margate

Chequer Mead, East Grinstead

Edinburgh Fringe, Venue 132

Univeristy of Iasi, Romania

Lowe Memorial Church, Belfast

Bloomfield Presbyterian Church, Belfast




Two Rivers Church, Knoxville, USA

Two Rivers Church, Knoxville, USA

Morrison Hill Christian Church, Knoxville, USA

Christ Covenant Pres. Church, Knoxville, USA                    

Christ Covenant Pres. Church, Knoxville, USA

Bethel Community Church, Chicago, USA

Peace Community Church, Frankfort, USA

DayBreak Church, Mechanicsburg, USA

Whitestone Inn, Kingston, USA

Faith Promise Church, Knoxville, USA

The House of Worship, Knoxville, USA

Wessex Christian Centre, Bournemouth, UK

Summit Drive Baptist Church, Kamloops, Canada

Grace Bible Church, Vernon, Canada

Willow Park Church @33, Kelowna, Canada

Willow Park Church @33, Kelowna, Canada

Park Drive Church, Oliver

Willow Park Church South, Kelowna

Broadview Church, Salmon Arm

Majestic Church, Christchurch

Arise Church, Christchurch

St John's Church, Okorua

Manakau City Baptist Church, Auckland

Avondale College, Newcastle

St Stephens Uniting Church, Toowoomba

Seventh Day Adventist, Brisbane South