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After it’s premiere last year in Canada, this ground breaking new adaptation of John Bunyan’s classic story will tour the UK this Summer. If you want to see this blockbuster of a book reimagined in WW2 on stage, then look no further than this two hour, seven actor production of 'The Pilgrim’s Progress'.


This is a joint production between Searchlight and Regents Theological College in Malvern.


'Regardless of your religious beliefs, this new production of The Pilgrim’s Progress remains an interesting adaptation of one of the most influential texts in English Literature. The production succeeds in capturing the fear and uncertainty that defines the lives of those caught up in war. The acting is also strong. David Robinson delivers a naturalistic and likably warm performance. Searchlight director Michael Taylor and writer Rich Hasnip deserve credit for making an intimidating iconic text accessible' Review, Edinburgh Fringe 2015


‘Everyone has the book - but how many people actually read it? This production made the story really accessible - I found the wartime setting incredibly  believable and I loved the moments of humour in it as well’

Harry Bicknell, Church Leader in Canada








The World's Second Most Read Book - as you've never seen it before...

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