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5 star

'Would You Adam & Eve It?' shows what happens if you tell two chaps who like to make people laugh; dramatise all 90 chapters from the first two books of the Bible.


With a few strategic speedy bits to help it achieve it's running time - it has amazed audiences around the world for the last 10 years, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The show in being toured in partnership with the Bible Society who believe that when people engage with the Bible, lives can change - for good.


The show caters for anyone aged 10 or over - and for each show there are a number of free tickets for children (speak to the venue directly).


If you're interested in booking the show for an event we provide printed and electronic publicity, promotional trailers and an online box office. It is available to book throughout the year, to download the booking details click here



                                                      – Edinburgh Fringe Review 2017

































Genesis and Exodus - brought to life on stage by two very funny men (pictured above)...

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"It’s a must-see: friendly, frenetic and so funny that the person next to me was crying with laughter throughout. Before anyone had even spoken, the show’s most distinctive element was already obvious: the props. A whole array of objects were set at the back of the stage, on a hat-stand and table, teasing the audience as to what might happen next – what could a toy plastic boat or a President’s portrait possibly be useful for? Every couple of minutes, the two actors would go to the back of the stage to take out their props for the next part of the sketch – before long, confusion was morphed into laughter. This motif gave a wonderful impression of spontaneity: it was slick enough to seem funny but not so polished as to seem blandly rehearsed. It gave plenty of scope for improvisation, made each joke as surprising as the last, and created an atmosphere of warm, genuine humour. The show’s welcoming feel was also helped by the way the actors sparked off one another, and included the audience in their daftness. At various points in the show, someone would be required to fill a role – often one which two male actors couldn’t quite do – and so someone would be plucked from the audience, handed their prop and told what to say. This kept the audience on their toes, and built upon the fantastic rapport between the two actors: one younger and energetic, full of witty asides, the other more mellowed and measured, keeping everything moving. Though there were only two of them, their enthusiasm easily filled the whole church. Remarkably, in amongst all the mayhem, we were given a clear and concise overview of the whole of Genesis and Exodus. The show was true to the Biblical narrative at every twist and turn, but also wallowed in the bizarre and brilliant details: look out for the introduction to Joseph and all his brothers, and re-enactment of Moses and the Burning Bush. Typically, an adaptation has to compromise on either accuracy or humour; in this case, however, the two were seamlessly and superbly combined"

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